Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Personalized Pillows: Part 2

Just thought I'd pop in and show the next step to making the personalized name/word pillows.  You can see my Part 1 post HERE.

For this particular set of pillows, the requested color scheme is red and gray.  I've done another red/gray name pillow and I love this combination.  The first photo shows a pile of laundered fabrics on the ironing board.  I almost always pre-wash my fabric.  Then, of course, it has to be ironed.  So that's my next step.

After ironing the fabric itself, the letters (cut from HeatNBond) are ironed onto the WRONG side of the fabrics as shown in the photo below.  So, the letters are backwards and ironed onto the wrong side.

After ironing the letters onto the wrong side of the fabric, I cut each letter out on the lines.  (See the "H" below.)  At this point, the letter has a paper coating on the back that will need to be peeled off for the next step.


 Now I lay out my letters on the background fabric as shown below.  When I have them arranged the way I like, I'll iron over them.  This adheres them to the background fabric and makes them ready to be sewn in place, which will be the topic of the next pillow post.

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