Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crafty Book Review: Made by Me

I recently ordered a copy of the book, Made by Me by Jane Bull.  I ordered it hoping it would give me some good ideas to use with the sewing classes for children that I teach from my home.  I was NOT disappointed.  This is a true piece of eye candy.  The photos, graphics, and layout are so charming and adorable.  I loved poring over every page.   I was happy to see that it does contain some ideas that I would not have thought of otherwise.  I like how in addition to straight-up sewing projects, it also includes ideas for embroidery, needlepoint, and knitting.  It's giving me lots of ideas for a Needle Arts camp I'm hoping to offer this summer.  I highly recommend this book.

NOTE:  If you are looking for projects that will appeal to boys, I have to say that this book is much more geared to girls.  I'm excited that I have some boys signed up for Sewing Club this semester though.  I'll be posting about our projects soon at Walnut Hill Studio.

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