Monday, December 31, 2012

The Ruffled Scarf

Right before Christmas I was getting my hair cut and noticed some really awesome scarves for sale in the salon.  When I saw them I could not imagine myself ever being able to make them.  They looked very complicated.  I commented about the scarves to my hairdresser and she told me they were knitted and that another customer had told her the pattern is only 6 stitches across and that it was made with a special lacy kind of yarn.  I was instantly intrigued.  I went home and did a good ol' Google search to figure out the type of yarn needed.  Then I watched a YouTube video about how to knit with this lacy yarn. 

For Christmas I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby (LOVE!) and used it to purchase some special yarn.  I watched the video again and within a few hours (spread out over 2 days) I had a beautiful lacy scarf.  I would be very happy to make a scarf like this for anyone who'd like to order.  I would also be happy to teach you how to make your own or refer you to the video I used.  Here are a few photos of my scarf.  Not the best photos........I snapped them quickly at night.  It gives you an idea of how pretty and ruffly the scarf is though.  It is super-light and would be great to wear even in warmer weather.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here's a little peek......... what I've been crafting!  I am making a goal to write more blog posts here in 2013.  It will be my way of sharing what I'm up to as well as a way to showcase items that I'm planning to make for sale this year.

As I sit here writing this post, here is my view.  (See photo below.)

You can see my awesome new cozy socks, a Christmas gift from my oldest son.  I LOVE COZY SOCKS!!!  My little sweetheart, Lucky, is always close by when I'm crafting.  In the distance you can see my TV where I'm watching a cheesy movie on Lifetime.  You can see athletic shoes on the treadmill because one day, very soon, I'll put them on and walk on said treadmill.  Really!  I'm not kidding!  There are a few crafty creations in this photo that I'll post about over the next few days.  See if you can spot them!!

When I'm finished typing this post and publishing it, I'm going to finish the dishcloth I started knitting last night to use up some Christmas yarn I hadn't done anything wish.  These knit up super fast, are super easy, and make great gifts.  I use this pattern which is often called "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth."