Monday, January 7, 2013

A Retro-Vintage Sewing Project

Just before Christmas, one of my customers who had ordered a custom pillow for her daughters to give their grandma for Christmas, approached me with a challenging and exciting sewing project.

Apparently, her grandparents had had a stuffed cat with nursing kitties that she remembered and loved playing with as a child.  When her grandparents' possessions were divided up, she was able to get one kittie to keep.  Knowing her own young daughters would LOVE their own mama cat and babies, she asked me if I could make them a set.  Admittedly I was a bit intimidated about taking on this project without a pattern of any sort.  I asked her to bring me a photo of the original and told her I'd let her know if I thought I could do it.   She brought me the original kitten and a photo of the mama cat and babies.  I decided to take on the challenge.

Before just winging it without a pattern, I decided to do a Google search to see what turned up.  I was thrilled to find a similar pattern on Etsy in a shop called Sentimental Baby.  This is an awesome shop that sells vintage patterns that are out of print.  The patterns are copied on 11X17 copy paper and are very sturdy and easy to read.  I received my pattern and set it aside to start on after the holidays.

The first photo below shows the sewing pattern and the second shows the mama cat pieces all cut and ready to sew.  I'll be sure to post a photo of the finished cat family.  I think they'll be so cute!! 

This sewing project got me thinking that there just might be a niche for sewing cloth toys using vintage patterns.  In addition to prompting a stroll down memory lane for mamas and daddies, these types of toys are timeless and could for sure be enjoyed by little ones of today who are (in my opinion) way too inundated with plastic, flashy toys.  What do you think?  If you  have a memory of a favorite cloth toy from your childhood, I'd love it so much if you'd describe it in the comments section.  I have several cloth toy favorites, but one in particular is a Scottie dog that my grandma made me.  There's actually a pattern for it in the Sentimental Baby shop.  I may have to whip one up!!

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